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Video Makes Consumers the Narrators of Their Own Stories

Authentic customer stories and emotions are often lost behind the faceless results of traditional surveys. EthOS video surveys, however, humanize your data, providing an engaging outlet for consumers to share their thoughts and feelings without restrictions.

Accelerate and Scale Your Qual With EthOS Recruit

Recruit your target audience from our integrated panel of over 3 million participants. Conduct studies in as fast as 24 hours, expediting your access to deeper customer insights.

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Profile image of Robertson, noted for her love of beaches. Cameron Williamson smiling, identified as a scuba diver and podcast enthusiast Floyd Miles portrayed as liking guitar, labeled as a software engineer. Courtney Henry, a librarian who runs marathons, smiling in her profile photo. Screenshot of the EthOS microphone check interface during a video survey.
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Video survey response from a participant discussing their breakfast routine on EthOS platform. EthOS video survey capture of a user reviewing a household item. Participant sharing their feedback on consumer products via EthOS video survey. Response from a user about their daily habits in an EthOS video survey. User providing real-time feedback on a service through EthOS video survey platform.

Engaging Tasks That Unearth the Whole Story

Variety is the spice of life and the key to engaging surveys. EthOS offers a range of question types with features designed to capture and maintain respondents' interest, leading to higher response rates.

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Multiple Choice
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Quickly Extract Customer Stories With AI

Harness the power of EthOS's generative AI to sift through video survey data, extracting key themes, identifying critical pain points, and summarizing essential insights in real-time. This allows you to grasp customer experiences and adapt strategies quickly.

Screenshot of EthOS platform using AI to analyze video survey data, highlighting customer insights and sentiment analysis on a laptop screen.

Maximize Impact with Video Highlight Reels

Leverage video highlight reels to deepen leadership and stakeholder understanding of customer interactions. These dynamic visual summaries enhance understanding and foster empathy, which is crucial in driving meaningful change and boosting customer advocacy.

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