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Diary Study Tool for Remote CX and UX Research

Observe and analyze consumer behavior remotely, and form data-driven insights that lead to experiences users love

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The What, When, and Why of
Diary Studies

  • What is a mobile UX diary study icon
    What :
    Diary studies can take place over a few days or across several months. They allow researchers to analyze the current behavior of users and their relationship with a company's products. They can be used to experience a day-in-the life of your users, to track consumption in real-world situations, and to remotely view how users experience your products and services in their everyday lives.
  • When to use mobile UX diary studies icon
    When :
    Diary Studies have their place in many different types of research, but they are especially useful when conducting generative research during the discovery and exploratory stages of the UX research process.
  • Why use mobile UX diary studies icon
    Why :
    Observe User Routines and Behaviors: Be in-the-moment with users as they go about their day to understand their needs.
    Tap into Emotions and Feelings: Capture authentic moments that reveal how your users feel as they interact with your products.
    Understand the Context: See the context surrounding user behaviors, routines, and decisions.

A Flexible Tool For Collecting In-Context Insights That Lead to User-Centered Decisions

Understand Your Customers On A Deeper Level
  • Collect video and rich media from consumers as they go about their day so you can experience authentic moments from their lives
  • Make more empathetic business decisions by capturing consumer emotions through automated sentiment and tone analysis
  • Ask multiple choice, range, and single select questions to round out customer personas and profiles
Mobile diary studies sentiment analysis screen
EthOS App diary study interview screen
Take Deep Dives into Behaviors, Motivations, and Routines
  • Assign project wide and individual tasks to consumers that unearth their unique goals, motivations, and needs
  • Have 1 on 1 chats with users to gain a deeper understanding of the why behind their thoughts and actions
  • The apps have a simple and familiar interface that allows participants to interact with you the same way they do with their friends and family, leading to intimate and honest feedback that they may never provide in person
Easily Uncover Themes To Discover Hidden Problems and New Business Opportunities
  • Smart filters allow for automated theming
  • An out of the box trending report exposes emerging themes
  • Smart searches crawl video transcriptions, open text responses, and probes so you can dial in on keywords
  • Auto Codes provide hints on how to best code entries
Ethos mobile diary study dashboard

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