Sleep tracking app with smart watch in EthOS diary study. Participant recording sleep in EthOS diary study. Feedback on app's impact on better sleep in diary study.

Embrace Authenticity: Understanding Real-World Customer Experiences

EthOS travels with your customers wherever they go, providing you with authentic, in-the-moment insights into their everyday lives. Gain a deeper understanding of their behaviors, needs, and preferences to create meaningful connections with your target audience.

Informed Decisions through Contextually Rich Insights

Through remote observation of your customers in their natural environments, uncover contextually rich insights about their experiences, motivations, and pain points. Armed with this knowledge, make well-informed, targeted decisions that resonate with your audience.

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Diary study participant using sleep tracking apps and playing tennis. Startup worker with two children in diary study. Bartender working night shifts in a diary study. Accountant with a coffee addiction in a diary study. Diary study participant using sleep tracking apps and playing tennis. Startup worker with two children in diary study. Bartender working night shifts in a diary study. Accountant with a coffee addiction in a diary study.
Man wearing sleep mask during a diary study project. Sleep mask under test in a diary study. Checkout page of sleep mask in a diary study on purchasing behavior.

Dive Deeper into Customer Experiences

Our platform allows participants to share videos, screen recordings, pictures, and text within the moments you're studying. Gain a deeper and clearer view of customer experiences by capturing the impact of environmental and situational factors on their behavior.

AI-Powered Insights,
Simplified Reporting

Leverage the power of AI, auto-transcriptions, and pre-built reports to streamline your analysis. Create impactful video reels from pictures, quotes, and videos, and effortlessly share your findings with stakeholders.

Screenshot of the EthOS's generative AI tool analyzing diary studies.

Companies Using EthOS to Make Customer-Centered Decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use EthOS for Diary Studies?

EthOS offers a state-of-the-art diary study platform that enables you to observe and analyze consumer behavior remotely. Our tool empowers you to gain authentic, in-the-moment insights, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions that lead to exceptional customer experiences. With EthOS, you can streamline your research process and uncover valuable customer insights like never before.

When should I conduct diary study research?

Diary studies are ideal when you want to gain a deep understanding of your customers' behaviors, experiences, and preferences over an extended period. They are especially valuable for tracking changes, identifying trends, and capturing real-life contexts that may not be evident in traditional research methods. Conduct a diary study when you need comprehensive and contextually rich insights to inform your business decisions.

Is EthOS a remote diary study tool?

Yes, EthOS is a remote diary study platform. With EthOS, you can collect data from participants in their natural environments from afar, allowing you to observe authentic behaviors and experiences as they happen in real life.

Does EthOS have a diary study app?

Yes, EthOS offers a convenient diary study app for both Android and iOS devices. The app enables participants to easily record videos, take pictures, and share text, making data collection seamless and user-friendly.

How easy is it to set up a diary study on EthOS?

Setting up a diary study on EthOS is straightforward and user-friendly. Our platform provides intuitive tools and features that guide you through the study setup process. You can customize study parameters, collect valuable insights efficiently, and analyze data with AI.

Can diary studies be used for UX research?

Yes, diary studies are a powerful tool for conducting UX research. They allow you to understand how users interact with products or services in their natural settings over time. By capturing user experiences in real-world contexts, diary studies offer valuable insights for improving user experiences and identifying pain points.

What is a diary study?

A diary study is a qualitative research method where participants document their experiences, behaviors, and thoughts over a specific period. Participants typically record their observations in diaries, journals, or through digital platforms. Diary studies provide researchers with in-depth insights into participants' everyday lives and behaviors.

How long should my diary study be in field?

The duration of diary studies depends on your research goals and the nature of the behaviors or experiences you wish to study. Some studies may require daily entries over a short period, while others may span weeks or even months. Consider the research objectives and the level of detail needed to determine the appropriate frequency.

What's an example of a diary study?

An example of a diary study could involve participants documenting their daily fitness routines and experiences using a fitness tracking app. They would record their exercise activities, dietary choices, and feelings related to their fitness journey over a few weeks. The diary study could provide valuable insights into participants' motivations, challenges, and preferences for health and fitness products and services.

Do you offer participant recruitment?

Indeed! Choose to bring your own participants or leverage our expert team to recruit your ideal target audience for research projects. With EthOS, rest assured that you'll have precisely the right participants to gather invaluable and meaningful insights.

Can EthOS be used for other types of research?

Yes! EthOS is an end-to-end experience research platform that empowers teams across CX research, UX research, Consumer Insights, Marketing, Innovation, and more. As a flexible tool you can use EthOS for mobile ethnography, usability tests, unmoderated interviews, digital ethnography, journey mapping, IHUTs, Shopper Research, and persona development.