The EthOS Platform

The easiest and most effective way to collect in-context insights

Ethos App ethnographic and diary study data collection screens

The Apps

Our iOS and Android apps turn mobile devices into
world-class ethnography tools by facilitating the collection
of intimate, in-the-moment insights.

Watch a demo of the platform
See the live conversation unfold
Instant feedback from your customers
Built For Respondents
The EthOS apps were designed to be non-intrusive and intuitive so they could easily be incorporated into the daily routines of respondents.
We researched how people communicate today, and the findings showed you get better response rates and more honest feedback when respondents use platforms they are familiar with. This is why our chat-based interface was designed to be similar to Skype, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. While using EthOS, respondents will feel as though they are having a casual conversation with their moderator, and in-turn will provide better insight than traditional qualitative tools.
Tasks That Unearth The Whole Story
  • Display media within a task to show participants ads, product concepts, and other stimuli.
  • Have participants take photos, videos, and record audio to capture data elements that tell the story behind respondent behavior and motivations.
  • Ask multiple choice, scale, and text-based questions to round out your data.
The Insight Dashboard
Unearth the most important stories and trends from your respondents and easily
turn that insight into in-depth reports.
Ethos software diary study and ethnographic research dashboard screen
It Doesn't Get Any Easier
The EthOS platform and dashboard support all types of market research projects. Whether your focus is on brand and marketing, syndicated research, or customer experience you will be able to use our powerful smart filtering capabilities to help you automate, organize, theme, and analyze responses from participants.
Our workspace tool is the first of its kind to offer real-time collaboration between co-workers, participants, and clients. You can host break-out sessions that allow participants to view and comment on each other’s entries and setup group chats to have in-depth discussions.
Ethos platform ethnographic and diary study project management screen
Project Management Made Simple
  • Easily upload respondents and respondent data into the system and contact those who are slow or fail to complete tasks.
  • Communicate directly with participants from your desktop or mobile app to probe for deeper insight.
  • Ensure researchers and participants don't miss crucial communications by sending email reminders or in-app/push notifications.
  • View which respondents are online and have live chats with them to turn research into a conversation
Ethos platform diary study and ethnographic sentiment report
Go From Data to Insight
EthOS contains out of the box reports and data views that help you discover trends and turn ethnographic data into insight.
Participant Journey Report: Allows researchers to see a respondent's entries in chronological order, helping bring the customer journey to life.
Sentiment Analysis Report: Review aggregated sentiment analysis results by task to gain a quick understanding of user sentiment on specific topics.
Trending Report: Track trending words and user tags to uncover themes.
Moderator Codes: Easily add codes to entries that can be filtered and organized.
Single Choice and Range Reports: View aggregated quantitative data in easily digestible charts.
Entry Location Map: See where respondents completed each of their tasks overlayed on google maps.
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