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Mobile ethnography participant: freelance model with vegetarian lifestyle. Mobile ethnography participant: high school teacher with a love for cats. Mobile ethnography participant: fashion stylist who provides free masterclasses. mobile-ethnography-img-4 Mobile ethnography participant: freelance model with vegetarian lifestyle. Mobile ethnography participant: high school teacher with a love for cats. Mobile ethnography participant: fashion stylist who provides free masterclasses. mobile-ethnography-img-tabl-4

Immerse Yourself in Your Customers' World with Mobile Ethnography

Wherever your customers go, their phone is within arm's reach. With the EthOS mobile ethnography apps, you can immerse yourself in their world – at home, in stores, while traveling, or surfing the web. Capture authentic moments that matter.

Contextually Rich Insights, Right at Your Fingertips

Observe your customers remotely in their natural environments. Gain deep insights into their experiences, motivations, and pain points. Leverage these insights to make targeted product and marketing decisions that drive innovation.

Woman showcasing various makeup products in a mobile ethnography study. Mobile ethnography study question on preferred cosmetic stores, accompanied by makeup imagery. Text feedback from a mobile ethnography study highlighting lipstick selection and prompt delivery.
Picture of makeup products captured during a mobile ethnography study. Woman from a mobile ethnography study displaying her morning cosmetic products. Cosmetics selling website undergoing a mobile ethnography study to understand customer preferences and behavior. Text feedback from a mobile ethnography study focused on lip balm preferences.

Understand Digital Interactions, Seamlessly

Utilize EthOS for digital ethnography to gain a comprehensive understanding of how your customers interact with your online products. Track and analyze their digital experiences to refine your offerings further.

AI-Powered Insights, Shared Effortlessly

Maximize efficiency with AI-driven data analysis and automated transcriptions. Share study findings effortlessly within your organization using compelling video reels – comprising of videos, quotes, and images.

Screenshot of EthOS's AI tool for mobile ethnography analysis.

Companies Using EthOS to Make Customer-Centered Decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When should I conduct Mobile Ethnography?

Mobile Ethnography should be conducted when you aim to capture detailed insights into customer behaviors and interactions within their natural environment. It's an excellent tool for assessing user journeys, identifying pain points, and uncovering motivations by observing users' interactions in real-time. This approach can be particularly beneficial when you're looking to optimize customer experiences, enhance product usability, or refine marketing strategies based on actual customer behaviors and needs. It's also valuable when you want to understand cultural and social factors, as the method provides rich, context-based insights that can guide more empathetic and customer-centered strategies.

Why should I use EthOS for Mobile Ethnography?

EthOS provides cutting-edge mobile ethnography apps, enabling you to connect with your customers wherever they are. By leveraging EthOS for mobile ethnography, you can capture real-life moments in various settings, from homes to stores, travel, and web browsing, gaining invaluable insights into your customers' lives. By leveraging EthOS, you can understand how customers engage with your products and the world around them, enabling you to refine and enhance your offerings based on authentic experiences.

What is Mobile Ethnography?

Mobile ethnography is a qualitative research method that involves studying people's behaviors and experiences in their natural environments using mobile devices like smartphones. It provides real-time, contextual insights into participants' lives, enabling a deeper understanding of customer experiences and user behaviors for better decision-making in product development and market research.

Is EthOS only for Ethnographers?

While EthOS is well-suited for ethnographers, it is also designed for customer experience, user experience, and consumer insights professionals. Anyone looking to understand their target audience's behaviors and preferences can benefit from EthOS's intuitive features.

Is EthOS a remote ethnographic research tool?

Yes, EthOS is a remote ethnographic research tool. It empowers researchers to remotely observe customers in their natural environments, providing contextually rich insights that inform product and marketing decisions.

Does EthOS have a mobile ethnography app?

Yes, EthOS provides mobile ethnography apps for iOS and Android devices, enabling you to connect with your customers on-the-go. The EthOS mobile apps allow you to capture real-life experiences, whether your customers are at home, in stores, traveling, or browsing the web, ensuring you never miss a moment that matters.

How easy is it to set up a mobile ethnography study on EthOS?

Setting up a mobile ethnography study with EthOS is remarkably easy. The platform is designed for user-friendliness, guiding you through the process step-by-step. You can quickly configure your study parameters and start collecting valuable insights in no time.

How do I get started using EthOS for mobile ethnography?

Getting started with EthOS for mobile ethnography is simple. Reach out to our team to schedule a personalized demo. Our experts will walk you through the platform's features, capabilities, and how it can best serve your research needs. You'll be up and running in no time, uncovering meaningful insights for your business. Also feel free to send an email to

Will EthOS recruit participants for studies?

Certainly! Take your pick - either bring your own participants or leverage our seasoned team to recruit your precise target audience for research projects. EthOS guarantees you access to the right participants, ensuring the collection of valuable and meaningful insights.

Is EthOS just for Mobile Ethnography?

EthOS is a flexible, end-to-end experience research platform that facilitates a number of methodologies that help teams better understand their customers. Some of EthOS's most popular uses include: Diary Studies, usability tests, unmoderated interviews, digital ethnography, journey mapping, IHUTs, Shopper Research, and persona development.