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Natalie Brooks, an architect and avid rock climber, potential participant for concept and product testing. Ethan Parker, a data scientist and homebrewing enthusiast, engaging as a potential participant in product testing. Julia Ramirez, an elementary school teacher and wildlife photographer, available for product and concept testing. Courtney Henry, a chef who collects vintage vinyl records, as a prospective participant in concept testing.

Test Concepts and Products with Your Ideal Audience

Quickly identify and engage your ideal target audience using EthOS Recruit, which connects you to an extensive panel of over 3 million participants. Launch studies in as little as 24 hours, dramatically speeding up your ability to gather insights and iterate.

Everything You Need For Iterative Concept Testing

Enhanced Heatmap Visualizations: Utilize our heatmap tool to present images and capture detailed feedback. Easily identify user preferences, points of confusion, and areas of disinterest, optimizing your concepts based on tangible insights.

Authentic Video Feedback: Gain a deeper understanding of the emotional resonance of your ads and messages. Video feedback captures genuine reactions, allowing you to observe and analyze facial expressions and vocal inflections in real-time.

Link to Figma and Record User Screens: Connect directly to your Figma designs to streamline the feedback process. Employ our screen recording features to capture detailed user interactions on smartphones and laptops.

Heat map visualization from a concept test, showing user interaction with coffee packaging.
User interface of a Birdseye website showcasing analytics and feedback capture for concept testing.
User providing video feedback on a smartphone, expressing opinions about a new design concept.
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Woman testing an electronic device with wires during a real-world product evaluation. Man interacting with the EthOS mobile app during real-world product testing. Young woman testing a new makeup product in a real-world setting.

Real-World Product Testing: Discover Issues and Opportunities for Innovation

In-Context Video Observations: Capture high-quality videos of customers interacting with your products and prototypes in their natural environments. This direct observation provides insights into how your products are used in real life so you can gauge customer satisfaction and evaluate overall performance.

Identify Improvement Areas: By closely monitoring real-world interactions, you can pinpoint specific issues and highlight potential areas for innovation. Our approach not only reveals what needs to be enhanced but also uncovers innovative opportunities that could set your products apart in the marketplace.

Accelerate Product and Concept Testing with AI-Driven Analysis

Harness EthOS's generative AI to streamline the analysis of product and concept tests. Whether you're evaluating early-stage prototypes or refined products, select from our expertly designed prompts or customize your own to suit your specific needs. Our AI technology quickly identifies and synthesizes crucial feedback, highlighting key themes and actionable insights. This enables your team to make rapid and informed decisions, refining your products and concepts for optimal market performance.

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AI analysis software interface showing concept testing results with criteria and responses in a structured chart.
Detailed AI-driven analysis of product testing displaying summary and chat window for instant insights and feedback.

Companies Using EthOS to Make Customer-Centered Decisions

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