A respondent using a hotel phone during an EthOS foundational UX research study. A participant at the airport embarking on her travel journey, highlighting the ability of EthOS to capture customer experiences. Text feedback about a flight booking app, emphasizing EthOS’s capability in capturing real-time, data-driven insights for continuous optimization. A participant at the airport embarking on her travel journey, highlighting the ability of EthOS to capture customer experiences.

Stay Ahead with Constantly Evolving Customer Insights

Your customers' needs, behaviors, and expectations are ever-changing. EthOS empowers CX teams to stay in sync with these shifts, enabling proactive optimization of touchpoints. Stay ahead of the competition with real-time, data-driven insights.

Seamlessly Capture and Understand Omnichannel Experiences

In today's interconnected world, managing customer experiences across various channels can be complex. EthOS simplifies this process by harnessing the power of mobile devices and screen recording to capture both real-world and digital interactions. With your customers' phones always within reach, our platform empowers you to gain a comprehensive understanding of their journey, no matter where they are.

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Screen view of EthOS app capturing a customer’s coffee storage preferences. Demonstrates EthOS's ability to capture customer journey insights.
Chat support
Mobile app
In store
At home
At work
Plane tickets representing a travel touchpoint, analyzed by EthOS for enhanced customer insight. Screenshot of a hotel booking site, a key customer touchpoint optimized with EthOS. Woman with packed bags ready to travel, illustrating EthOS's insights into travel touchpoints. Text feedback on a travel app showing EthOS's role in understanding and improving customer experiences.

Experience Your Customers' World Through Their Eyes

Immerse yourself in your customers' lives through videos, pictures, screen recordings, and text captured by them in the very moments you want to understand. EthOS provides in-the-moment insights, revealing unique pain points and opportunities that only arise in real-world situations.

Discover Your Ideal Audience

You have the flexibility of deciding how you recruit participants into your studies. You can leverage your existing network or tap into our vast participant pool to pinpoint your target market.

Example of 5 diverse participants recruited by EthOS, showcasing EthOS's broad recruitment capabilities for precise target audiences. Example of 5 diverse participants recruited by EthOS, showcasing EthOS's broad recruitment capabilities for precise target audiences.
Screenshot of EthOS’s generative AI, highlighting faster, more in-depth analysis for optimized customer experience research.

Revolutionize Your Research Process with AI

No more hours of manual work – EthOS's AI technology analyzes videos, screen recordings, and text with just a few clicks. By automating the heavy lifting, you're free to focus on high-level strategies and accelerate your implementations. Elevate your CX research efficiency with the power of EthOS.

Easily Share Insights Across Teams

Create shareable reels that resonate with the various teams you collaborate with. EthOS allows you to combine videos, quotes, and images from studies, keeping all stakeholders aligned and fostering a customer-centric culture.

A CX team collaboratively working on a study, emphasizing EthOS’s facilitation of team collaboration for insightful research. A joyful CX team celebrating a successful study, highlighting the success enabled by using EthOS for research projects. Two team members engaged in a research discussion, showcasing EthOS's role in enhancing research communication and planning. Display of a significant finding from a research study, demonstrating the impactful insights gained through utilizing EthOS.

Companies Using EthOS to Make Customer-Centered Decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Opt for EthOS as Your Preferred CX Research Solution?

EthOS stands out as a comprehensive CX research solution that supports your entire insights agenda, from understanding customer expectations and identifying pain points to assessing customer satisfaction and unearthing opportunities for innovation. Our versatile platform compliments CSAT and NPS programs to provide a qualitative view of customer experiences.

Do I Need to Be a Researcher to Use EthOS?

EthOS is purpose-built as a true DIY platform, making research accessible to all through its user-friendly interface and AI capabilities. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or running your first study, anyone can effortlessly set up projects and derive valuable insights with ease.

Does EthOS Facilitate Remote CX Research?

Absolutely! EthOS empowers you with a robust remote research tool, granting you access to global audiences right from your desk. Conduct research sessions with participants from diverse locations across the world.

What CX Research Methods Does EthOS Support?

EthOS is a versatile customer experience research tool, accommodating an array of methodologies, including asynchronous user interviews, usability tests, diary studies, contextual inquiry, personas, mobile/digital ethnography, and journey mapping. With EthOS's ability to capture any digital or real-world customer experience, all of your research needs are covered.

Are EthOS Studies Moderated or Unmoderated?

You have the freedom to choose. EthOS studies can be conducted in both moderated and unmoderated formats. Collect data through videos, pictures, text, and quantitative data, or delve deeper by posing follow-up questions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience.

Does EthOS Offer Participant Recruitment Services?

Absolutely! You have the option to bring your own participants, or you can rely on our skilled team to recruit your exact target audience for research projects. EthOS ensures you have precisely the right participants to gather valuable and meaningful insights.