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Discover problems early, unearth business opportunities, and gain a deeper understanding of your users

Companies Using EthOS to Make Customer-Centered Decisions

Discover With Digital Ethnography
  • Find hidden problems with products and services that arise in real-world use cases
  • Unearth new business opportunities by taking deep dives into user behaviors and routines
  • Gain a rich understanding of your users by observing how they interact with your products in their everyday lives
  • The apps are designed to look like popular messaging platforms so they seamlessly fit into the lives of users
  • Gather high quality video, picture, and audio data from users in-the-moment
EthOS App UX diary study screen
EthOS UX sentiment analysis screen
Explore With Diary Studies
  • Understand the context surrounding a problem to begin generating a hypothesis for its solution
  • Develop a deeper understanding of users to develop personas and journey maps
  • Validate or invalidate assumptions by observing real-world scenarios
  • Capture intimate, in-the-emotion moments, and analyze them with automated sentiment and tone analysis
Listen and Dig Deeper With Chat-Based Interviews & Focus Groups
  • Conduct ongoing generative research to keep a pulse on the ever changing needs of your users
  • Longitudinal and multi-wave studies lead to a deeper understanding of the problem space
  • Proactive listening helps you stay ahead of problems and on the forefront of innovation
  • Have chat-based discussions with individuals or groups to further your understanding
  • Communicate with users the way they communicate in todays world for more honest and open feedback
Ethos App UX chat interview screen
EthOS UX quantitative report screen
Round Out Data with a Mixed Method Approach
  • Assign single choice, multiple choice, and scale type tasks
  • Create mini surveys with skip logic
  • Combine qualitative and quantitative task types to acquire a well rounded view of your users
Be Agile While Maintaining Control

Project Management

  • EthOS is a true DIY platform that allows researchers to maintain control throughout a study
  • Build studies in a matter of minutes with one-page project and task setup wizards
  • Easily track user activity and send reminders to ensure projects finish on time


  • Automated transcriptions, sentiment, and tone analysis provide quick reads
  • Out of the box reports help you discover trends and themes
  • Organize and theme data with smart filtering and collaborative workspaces
EthOS user experience insight dashboard screen

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