Our Services

Leverage our team of seasoned researchers for your next project


To begin the design process we hold a kickoff workshop to define your research questions and goals. Following this workshop our team will develop a research guide that contains everything from tasks the respondents will participate in to moderator discussion points, project timelines, roles, and responsibilities.


Not sure how to locate your target participants? No problem - we'll recruit your target audience or use a list you supply to ensure your study consists of the people you are most interested in learning about. Our recruitment process ensures participants are trained and ready to use the app so you can hit the ground running.


Our moderators will facilitate the study by probing for deeper meaning and by managing participants on a daily basis to ensure timely and thoughtful responses. We will use text, audio, and video to keep project participants engaged. EthOS's live chat functionality allows us to take deep dives into participant responses - unearthing the golden nuggets of information you are going after.


Once the project is out of field we will start analyzing and organizing the data. If required for a study lasting multiple weeks or even months, we can provide periodic digests of 3-5 pages of the latest insights in topline format.


As the final deliverable, you will receive a comprehensive PowerPoint report that covers key findings, entries of interest, observations, and our recommendations. Our reports are detailed yet clean, so you can easily digest the findings and act upon them with accuracy and speed.

Examples of projects we can manage for you include:

  • Shop -Alongs
  • Shelf Tests
  • Package Tests
  • Ad Tests
  • Diary Studies
  • Co-Creation / Ideation
  • Concept Tests
  • Collecting Testimonials
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Ethnography
  • Collecting Testimonials