Screenshot of a user-friendly website designed for purchasing cars, showcasing an important touchpoint in the consumer's journey to buying a car. Image of a customer holding car keys, celebrating the recent purchase of a new car and illustrating a crucial moment in the customer journey. Screenshot of a user-friendly website designed for purchasing cars, showcasing an important touchpoint in the consumer's journey to buying a car. A comment from a satisfied consumer expressing how a car buying app significantly aided in making an informed decision on choosing a car.

See the world through the eyes of your customers

Capturing consumer interactions across various channels can be tricky. EthOS makes it easy by using mobile devices and screen recordings to capture real-world and digital interactions. With customers' phones always accessible, our platform empowers comprehensive insights into their experiences, no matter where they are.

Enhance Your Consumer Understanding

Elevate your grasp of consumer behavior by delving into their needs, attitudes, and behaviors. Uncover invaluable insights into purchasing triggers, emerging trends, pain points, and untapped opportunities. Empower your choices regarding product development, marketing tactics, and customer interactions.

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Image of a female consumer who works in IT and has a love for coffee, representing various consumer passions and occupations for in-depth insights. Photo of a male consumer who is a hairstylist and loves plants, highlighting diverse consumer interests and professions for enhanced understanding. Photo of a male consumer who is a photographer and loves pets, emphasizing diverse consumer activities and professions for deeper consumer understanding. A picture of a female consumer who is a fitness coach and enjoys playing tennis, showcasing a range of consumer hobbies and careers for comprehensive insights.
Image of a female consumer leaning against a car in a dealership, exploring car options and reflecting on her preferences and experiences. Photo of a consumer utilizing the in-car navigation screen, with accompanying text inquiring about the types of apps they use while driving, aiming to uncover their digital interaction within the car. A screenshot of feedback left by a consumer about an app that efficiently helps them locate electric car charging stations, highlighting real-world utility and satisfaction.

Uncover Hidden Consumer Narratives

Beyond surface-level data, our qualitative research platform helps you uncover the stories and narratives that shape consumer behavior. Dive deep into the emotions, motivations, and underlying factors that drive purchasing decisions and brand perceptions. By understanding these narratives, you can create more resonant marketing strategies and products that truly connect with your target audience.

Discover Your Target Consumer Group

Tailor your participant recruitment strategy to align with your consumer insights goals. You have the freedom to choose how you gather participants for your studies. Whether you tap into your existing network or harness the expansive reach of our participant pool, EthOS empowers you to precisely identify and engage your ideal consumer segments.

A diverse group of five consumers representing the wide range of participant recruitment for EthOS consumer insights studies. A diverse group of five consumers representing the wide range of participant recruitment for EthOS consumer insights studies.
Illustration of EthOS's generative AI technology, which instantly extracts valuable insights from consumer research studies, demonstrating the advanced and efficient capabilities of the EthOS platform in analyzing consumer data.

Drive informed strategic decisions

Boost your decision-making prowess through AI-driven data analysis and automated transcriptions. Effortlessly disseminate your research discoveries across your organization with captivating video reels — an engaging fusion of videos, quotes, and images that transform the intricacies of consumer behavior into comprehensible and actionable insights.

Companies Using EthOS to Make Customer-Centered Decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Choose EthOS for Consumer Insights?

EthOS provides a robust platform tailored for consumer insights, enabling you to dive deep into your customers' behaviors and preferences. By leveraging EthOS, you can uncover the insights that drive strategic decisions, optimizing your products, services, and marketing strategies based on authentic consumer experiences.

When Should I Utilize EthOS for Consumer Insights?

EthOS is invaluable when you seek a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviors, motivations, and interactions. It's particularly powerful for enhancing customer experiences, refining product offerings, shaping marketing approaches, and exploring emerging trends.

What is EthOS?

EthOS is a qualitative research platform that empowers you to explore consumer behaviors and experiences within natural contexts. Through various research methods, EthOS enables you to capture authentic insights into consumers' interactions with your brand, products, and services.

How Does EthOS Enhance Consumer Insights?

EthOS transforms the way you understand your audience. By using mobile devices and screen recording, you can capture real-world and digital interactions, gaining a comprehensive view of consumer experiences across channels. EthOS empowers you to uncover valuable insights, helping you make informed decisions about product development, marketing, and customer engagement.

Is EthOS Specifically Designed for Consumer Insights?

Yes, EthOS is designed to cater to the unique needs of consumer insights professionals. Its features and tools are tailored to help you gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors, needs, motivations, and attitudes, driving effective decision-making across various aspects of your business.

How Easy is it to Set Up a Consumer Insights Study on EthOS?

EthOS simplifies the process of setting up consumer insights studies. The platform's user-friendly interface is intuitive, making it quick and straightforward to start collecting valuable insights.

Can EthOS Help with Participant Recruitment?

Absolutely! EthOS offers participant recruitment services to ensure you have access to the right demographic for your research projects. You can either provide your own participants or rely on our experienced team to find the perfect fit for your studies.

Does EthOS Have a Mobile App for Consumer Insights?

Yes, EthOS offers mobile applications compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. These apps enable you to engage with your consumers wherever they are, capturing their experiences in real-time and enhancing the depth of your insights.

How Do I Begin Using EthOS for Consumer Insights?

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