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Digital Ethnography Tool and Mobile App for Remote Observation

Develop a rich understanding of who your customers are and identify their needs, challenges, and motivations

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The What, When, and Why of
Digital Ethnography

  • What is digital ethnography icon
    What :
    Digital ethnography is a qualitative methodology that immerses researchers in the everyday lives of their users so they can observe them in real-world situations and gain a deeper understanding of their needs.
  • When to use digital ethnography icon
    When :
    Digital ethnography is most often used to learn how to make a product better, or even more critically, to decide what products to build in the first place. It's leveraged by researchers to cast a wide net early in a product's development to find business opportunities and to see where people are facing frustrations.
  • Why conduct digital ethnographies icon
    Why :
    Really Get to Know Your Users: Nothing happens in a vacuum. Behaviors and decisions are nuanced, so to understand them, you need context. Digital ethnography provides valuable context that allows researchers to understand their users on a deeper level.
    Identify Pain Points and Opportunities: Researchers can remotely observe users in real world situations, allowing them to identify pain points and opportunities that wouldn't arise in a lab or controlled environment.
    It's Authentic: You can learn a lot from studying animals in a zoo, but there's no replacement for observing them in the wild. The same can be said for studying user behavior in a lab vs. everyday life.

An Agile Platform For Understanding User Needs Within The Context of Their Daily Life

Collect In-The-Moment Insights
  • Gather contextually rich videos, pictures, and open ended text responses from users as they go about their day
  • Add to your understanding by assigning quantitative tasks like multiple choice, scale, and single select questions
  • Probe participants as events unfold to get closer to the moments that matter
EthOS App mobile ethnography interview screen
Digital ethnography sentiment analysis report screen
Uncover the Behaviors, Motivations, and Needs of Your Users
  • Assign group and individual tasks to users that unearth their unique behaviors, motivations, and needs
  • Have live chats with participants to gain a deeper understanding of the why behind their decisions
  • Tap into pain points by capturing the emotions of users with automated sentiment and tone analysis
Increase Your Speed To Insight with an Intuitive Dashboard
  • Powerful filtering capabilities help researchers pick up on rituals and routines
  • A trending report ensures researchers can easily uncover themes from their data
  • Collaborative workspaces allow researchers to discuss user entries in a group setting
  • Time stamped video notes facilitate the transfer of insights between colleagues
Digital ethnography tool dashboard screen

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