Participant viewing a furniture site in a digital ethnography study. Digital ethnography participant about to make a purchase. Participant feedback on app checkout during a digital ethnography study.

Unveil the Digital Landscape of Your Customers

Your customers are engaged in digital worlds that are integral to their lives. With our digital ethnography platform, you can immerse yourself in their online interactions - be it at home, in online stores, while remote working, or browsing the internet. Capture the authentic digital moments that truly matter.

Uncover Rich, Contextual Insights

Study your customers remotely in their natural digital environments. Derive profound insights into their experiences, motivations, and pain points within the digital world. Harness these insights to make targeted product and marketing decisions that fuel innovation and drive customer engagement.

Digital ethnography capture of a participant at an airport. Digital ethnography study: Participant shopping for shoes on an iPad. Digital ethnography feedback on ease of flight booking in an app.
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Digital ethnography of an art student ordering food online. Digital ethnography of a songwriter and TikToker with his band. Digital ethnography study of a back-end developer who authored a book. Digital ethnography of a volunteer at animal shelters who freelances. Digital ethnography of an art student ordering food online. Digital ethnography of a songwriter and TikToker with his band. Digital ethnography study of a back-end developer who authored a book. Digital ethnography of a volunteer at animal shelters who freelances.

Discover the Human Stories Behind Users

Gather profound qualitative insights that illuminate the human side of your users. Cultivate an empathetic connection by immersing yourself in their daily experiences and gaining a firsthand perspective of their lives.

AI-Powered Analysis, Disseminated Effortlessly

Enhance productivity with AI-fueled data analysis and automated transcriptions. Share your research findings effortlessly within your organization using compelling video reels – a vibrant mix of videos, quotes, and images that makes the complexity of digital behavior accessible and actionable.

Screenshot of EthOS's AI analyzing data from a digital ethnography study.

Companies Using EthOS to Make Customer-Centered Decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I use EthOS for Digital Ethnography?

EthOS offers a powerful platform for digital ethnography, allowing you to gain deeper insights into your customers' online interactions. By leveraging EthOS, you can understand how users engage with your digital products, enabling you to refine and enhance your offerings based on authentic user experiences.

When should I conduct Digital Ethnography?

Digital Ethnography should be conducted when you are seeking a comprehensive understanding of user behaviors, experiences, and interactions within the digital environment. This research approach is particularly valuable when the goal is to optimize user experiences, develop digital products, refine marketing strategies, understand digital culture, and evaluate user journeys.

Can EthOS be used for Mobile Ethnography as well?

Yes, EthOS is a powerful mobile ethnography tool. We offer mobile apps that participants can download that allow them to document their experiences through video, pictures, text, and audio recordings.

What is Digital Ethnography?

Digital ethnography is a research method that involves observing and analyzing how people interact and behave within digital environments, such as websites, apps, social media platforms, and other online spaces. This method allows researchers to gain deep insights into user experiences, motivations, and pain points in their natural digital context. Unlike traditional ethnography, which focuses on physical interactions and cultural phenomena, digital ethnography studies the cultural and social implications of technology use, helping organizations understand user behavior and optimize their digital offerings.

Is EthOS a remote ethnographic research tool?

Yes, EthOS functions as a remote ethnographic research instrument. It equips researchers with the ability to study customers within their typical surroundings from a distance, offering deeply contextual insights that guide the development of product strategies and marketing initiatives.

Does EthOS have a digital ethnography app?

Yes, EthOS offers digital ethnography applications compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to engage with your customers wherever they may be. The EthOS mobile applications empower you to document authentic experiences, whether your customers are situated at home, visiting stores, on a trip, or surfing online, thus guaranteeing that no pivotal moment escapes your notice.

How easy is it to set up a Digital ethnography study on EthOS?

Setting up a mobile ethnography study with EthOS is remarkably easy. The platform is designed for user-friendliness, guiding you through the process step-by-step. You can quickly configure your study parameters and start collecting valuable insights in no time.

How do I get started using EthOS for digital ethnography?

If you're interested in starting a digital ethnography study you can complete our Contact Form or reach out to our team at to schedule a personalized demo.

Will EthOS recruit participants for studies?

Absolutely! You have the choice - you can either provide your own participants or take advantage of our experienced team's skills in recruiting the exact demographic you need for your research projects. EthOS assures you gain access to the right participants so you can collect insightful data.

Which teams or departments typically use EthOS for Digital Ethnography?

EthOS is heavily used by UX Research, CX Research, and Consumer Insights teams, but it is also leveraged by marketing, communications, innovation, and other customer facing departments.

Can EthOS be used for research methods other than digital ethnography?

Yes! EthOS is a versatile research platform that can be used across a number of methodologies such as: Usability tests, shopper research, unmoderated interviews, diary studies, mobile ethnography, journey mapping, IHUTs, and persona development.