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The best dscout alternative for conducting a diary study.

The Best dscout Alternative

Use EthOS to conduct remote, asynchronous diary studies for user-centered insights

Companies Using EthOS to Make Customer-Centered Decisions

If you're looking for dscout alternatives you're in the right place!

  • Collect contextually rich data that informs user-centered decisions
  • See how customers interact with your products and services in the real-world to understand their true behaviors, experiences, and journeys
EthOS has many of the same features and functionality as dscout making it a powerful competitor
Ethos has a more conversational user interface than dscout

EthOS is a great alternative to running a dscout diary study

  • Like dscout, EthOS is an agile diary study tool that facilitates in-the-moment data collection
  • It's mobile-based, so you can be with participants as they go about their day, capturing critical experiences whenever and wherever they occur
  • Dig deeper into experiences with real-time or asynchronous probing

Diary Studies that unearth real-world insights and impactful action items

  • Leverage powerful out-of-the-box reports that cut down your analysis time
  • Automate the theming of your data with smart filtering
  • AI powered sentiment analysis helps you zero in on areas of interest and get quick reads on experiences across all participants
The EthOS dashboard makes it just as easy as dscout to unearth impactful insights

Why use EthOS as an alternative to dscout?

  • EthOS offers similar features and functionality as dscout without the hefty price tag
  • Flexible recruiting options allow you to bring your own participants or have our team find them for you
  • You can run remote diary studies that are moderated or unmoderated while capturing online and offline customer experiences
  • Our apps facilitate the collection of authentic feedback as they mimic the interfaces participants use daily to chat with family and send videos to friends
  • dscout users love the out-of-the box reports, coding, and filtering capabilities of EthOS.

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