The EthOS platform is used by the worlds leading agencies and brands to better understand their customers, consumers, and employees

An Ethnographer In Your Pocket

The EthOS app turns mobile devices into world class ethnography tools

The Apps

  • Collect intimate, in-the-emotion, and in-the-moment insights
  • Designed specifically for mobile phones so you can reach customers 24/7
  • Assign tasks to capture the experiences and perspectives of your customers
  • Gather high quality video, picture, and audio data from respondents
  • Single choice, range, and text based questions help provide well rounded insights
  • Notify respondents with email and in-app push notifications
  • Probe respondents with our skype-like interface for live chat discussions
  • Supports unlimited video length
Home Analyst


  • Easily analyze and organize participant submissions
  • Track participant activity on our in-depth project management page
  • Add pre-determined tags or assign codes and ratings with a few clicks
  • Smart filtering allows for easy and automated theming and clustering
  • Use our workspace tool to collaborate with colleagues and clients
  • Automated transcription services make video analysis a breeze
  • Dedicated customer experience team to assist with onboarding and support
  • Built in sentiment and tone analysis allow for quick reads and rapid understanding
  • Out of the box Participant Journey, Single Select, Tag, and Sentiment Analysis reports

How it Works


Build a Project

Design an interactive project for your participants in a matter of minutes with our easy to use task builder.

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Import participants from your customer list or have us find participants for you.

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Participants download the EthOS App and complete the tasks you assign.

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Have live conversations with participants to probe further, or create individual follow-up tasks to gather deeper insights. 

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Easily organize and analyze participant submissions in our intuitive dashboard with automated tagging, advanced filtering, and on-the-fly transcriptions.

Use EthOS For Your Next Project

  • Advertisement Testing
  • Co-Creation/Ideation
  • Collecting Testimonials
  • Diaries/Journals
  • Ethnography
  • Journey Mapping
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Package Testing
  • Shelf Tests
  • Shop-Alongs

About Us

The name EthOS is an acronym for 'Ethnographic Observation System’ and like our name, our history is rooted in ethnography.

Ethnographer Siamack Salari pioneered the concept of mobile ethnography back in 2009 shortly after the release of the first iPhone.

Traditional ethnographic research is very cumbersome, as there are several challenges associated with sending an ethnographer to be on-location. EthOS makes ethnographic research more practical by facilitating the remote collection and analysis of ethnographic data at scale.

Over time, we realized the power of the EthOS platform could be applied to other research methodologies like diary studies, journey mapping, ihuts, and more. These expanded use cases have made EthOS a critical qualitative tool for research agencies and businesses all over the world.

  • Fundamentally, ethnography is about making the ordinary extraordinary and seeing things hidden in plain sight.

Executive Team

Team Member

Siamack Salari

Chief Ideas Officer

Team Member

David Watkins

Director of Customer Experience

Team Member

Paul Chesterman

Director of Sales & Marketing

Team Member

Anne Collins

Strategy Director