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The Best dscout Alternative

The Best dscout Alternative

If you’re looking for dscout alternatives you’re in the right place!

  • Collect contextually rich data that informs user-centered decisions
  • See how customers interact with your products and services in the real-world to understand their true behaviors, experiences, and journeys

EthOS is a great alternative to running a dscout diary study

  • Like dscout, EthOS is an agile diary study tool that facilitates in-the-moment data collection
  • It’s mobile-based, so you can be with participants as they go about their day, capturing critical experiences whenever and wherever they occur
  • Dig deeper into experiences with real-time or asynchronous probing

Diary Studies that unearth real-world insights and impactful action items

  • Leverage powerful out-of-the-box reports that cut down your analysis time
  • Automate the theming of your data with smart filtering
  • AI powered sentiment analysis helps you zero in on areas of interest and get quick reads on experiences across all participants