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Overcome Your Diary Study & Qualitative Hurdles with EthOS

Overcome Your Diary Study & Qualitative Hurdles with EthOS

Participant Recruitment & Retention

Platforms like EthOS address these challenges by providing an extensive panel of over 3 million participants worldwide. This ensures that researchers can access a diverse pool of participants. With high-quality platforms like EthOS, researchers can start recruiting and retaining participants in as little as 30 minutes, which is a significantly faster rate than what is currently seen from other UX research platforms on the market.

Recruitment is half the battle, while keeping recruits engaged is equally challenging. EthOS excels by providing a user-friendly interface that entices participation from its growing network of people across over 150 countries. This approach keeps participants highly engaged and keeps the study’s data-rich, reliable, and consistent.

This platform is designed for both participants and researchers, but EthOS paid particular attention to creating intuitive and engaging tasks to reduce burdens on participants. Well-built platforms keep users active and entice meaningful contributions to studies, enhancing the quality and depth of insights.

EthOS supports multimedia responses that allow more natural and comprehensive responses from users, such as texts, images, videos, and more. It also allows participants to share thoughts and experiences freely as it does not limit the length of participant videos nor charge by the minute.

Consistency & Data Quality

High-quality findings depend solely on consistency and data quality. This is a common challenge in qualitative user research, as variations in participant responses can affect the reliability and generalizability of the data. EthOS removes this issue by allowing participants to express themselves naturally and comprehensively by eliminating restrictions on video length and time-based expenses. This produces rich and authentic findings that businesses can rely on without stifling participant expression.

EthOS supports larger sample sizes, about 3-10X larger than normally seen in traditional methods. This enriches the data’s validity and reliability by providing a broader and more representative dataset, which can be helpful with more businesses focusing on personalization and audience segments. Larger sample sizes reduce the impact of outliers and anomalies, This ensures that data is high quality, consistent, and reliable.

Qualitative analysis is time-consuming and labor-intensive for researchers.

Time-Consuming Analysis

EthOS transforms the traditionally arduous analysis process into a more manageable and efficient process that is more supportive of the democratized user research process seen in many companies. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, UX research experts can do deeper work, while UX researchers can draw out high-quality findings faster. This platform supports agile decision-making and a more dynamic research process that leads to real impact and actionable results.

Remote Data Collection

Remote and asynchronous data collection is essential to today’s fast-paced and globalized world. Traditional methods that require face-to-face interactions are impractical and greatly limit participants’ diversity and inclusivity. A platform that supports flexible and inclusive data collection is crucial to impactful findings. Whether participants are at home, in a store, or at work, EthOS is always an arm’s reach away.


In conclusion, researchers conducting qualitative research, especially diary studies, encounter numerous hurdles that can hinder the acquisition of meaningful and practical insights. These challenges range from the initial stages of recruiting and retaining a diverse and committed participant pool to ensuring consistency and quality throughout the sessions. The time-intensive nature of recruitment and analysis further complicates the process. Selecting a suitable remote platform that provides deep insights also presents a significant hurdle. EthOS is a robust solution to these challenges, offering access to a vast and engaged participant pool across the globe, maintaining high data quality through flexible participant expression, and leveraging AI and advanced tools to streamline analysis. Its support for mobile and agile research and remote data collection fosters more comprehensive and authentic contributions from participants. EthOS’s holistic approach makes it an invaluable asset in navigating the complexities of UX research, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of qualitative studies.