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Mapping the Omnichannel Customer Journey

Mapping the Omnichannel Customer Journey

What is an Omnichannel Customer Journey Map?

Omnichannel journey mapping involves tracking all the touchpoints a customer has with a brand, whether they occur online through websites, emails, and apps or offline at physical storefronts and the consumer’s home.

With an omnichannel customer journey map, researchers combine all the brand interactions into a single visualization. This allows researchers to leverage context-based data to design, personalize, and improve experiences across the entire customer lifecycle. Ultimately, by tracking customer interactions in a single map, researchers can better understand consumer needs, identify pain points, and tailor marketing efforts more effectively. This can have a significant impact on improving customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention efforts.

Omnichannel Customer Journey Map Benefits

A company’s ability to gain a view of all customer interactions is becoming increasingly important as the number of digital touchpoints expands.

Omnichannel journey maps help researchers create smooth, efficient, and predictable experiences. They also present a seamless picture of needs and preferences across the entire customer journey, providing a system to answer the following questions:

  • Which channels are being used?
  • Which channels are effective?
  • Which channels should be used to enhance the user experience?
  • Which channels are not delivering relevant experiences?
  • What can be done to improve the customer’s experience with the channels that are not working?

How to Capture Customer Touchpoints


Omnichannel journey maps are an essential research tool for today’s businesses. The number of customer touchpoints is increasing and becoming more complex as customers jump between online and offline interactions. Creating a complete picture of what these interactions look like is critical to ensuring seamless and consistently positive experiences.