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Digital Touchpoints Uncovered: Decoding Online Customer Experiences

Digital Touchpoints Uncovered: Decoding Online Customer Experiences


Over recent years, our world has undergone a significant digital transformation. The digital world now interweaves with almost every facet of our existence. As companies leap forward, advancing technology and online experiences, it becomes imperative to ground these innovations in solid insights, ensuring they cater to the evolving needs of today’s consumers.

A Glimpse into the Digital World with EthOS

In order to create stellar digital experiences, first we need to understand how customers behave in the online world. EthOS, an experience research platform, released an AI-driven desktop screen recording tool that provides researchers with an intimate look into the multifaceted omnichannel customer journey. Let’s delve into a real-world example to see how this tool can help track and improve digital touchpoints.

Case Study: A Bank’s Quest for Digital Excellence

A bank has noted dwindling user engagement with its online mortgage tools. Their goal: to revamp the offering and digital interface, ensuring it stands out from competitors. But where to begin?

Journey Mapping

Before ideating, understanding the existing user journey is crucial. They aim to pinpoint user frustrations, gauge their emotional journeys, and decipher their mortgage information consumption patterns.

With EthOS’s AI-enabled screen recording, the bank traces the user journey from the very inception, following their information-gathering patterns, and thereby gaining insights into their motivations and reservations about mortgages. Observing searches like ‘best mortgages for first-time buyers’ or ‘local mortgage banks’ reveals varied paths with distinct motivations and expectations.

Prototyping Based on Insights

User Testing

With the advanced calculator ready, its efficacy in driving sales is tested. The aim? To ascertain if this tailored approach alleviates mortgage doubts and fosters trust, nudging users towards finalizing their mortgage with the bank.

Throughout these phases, EthOS’s advanced AI tools play a pivotal role. Its responsive design alters tasks based on user responses, capturing nuanced insights. Moreover, the quick turnaround of AI insights enables swift prototyping iterations, accelerating the product development timeline.


In an era where the line between digital and physical experiences is continually blurring, tools that enable seamless tracking of omnichannel journeys are invaluable. EthOS stands at the forefront of this digital evolution, not just as a tool, but as a partner in crafting enhanced digital experiences. With the power of real-time feedback and AI-driven analysis, businesses are equipped to refine and redefine their digital strategies. The pursuit of unparalleled digital experiences is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality with EthOS by your side.